◆  Do you take commissions?

Yes, thank you. I always appreciate anyone who finds my art wonderful. Please send your requests in full detail over to I'll let you know when I'm able to deliver the work to you.

◆  What are your commission rates? I can't find it listed anywhere.

My commission prices are, and were always intended to be, private and left out from public browsing. Please send a message if you're interested in working with me.

◆  Could you design a character for me to use as my own mascot?

At the moment, I only take character design work if it preceeds some sort of commercial project -- This includes Vtuber models, web mascots, and suchlike.


◆  Do you design Vtuber models?

Yes. I'll need to ask for references and material elaborating the character first. Alternatively, I can also create my own rendition based off of your sketch, for a smaller fee.

◆  Can you rig the model?

I layer the parts ready for rigging, but you'll have to find someone else to do the animation. The final model will be a Photoshop file to be sent to your rigger.

◆  Could you do my stream overlay and graphics?

Personally, I think my graphic designs look plain, so choosing me for that is up to you.


◆  Do you take casual requests or art trades?

I barely have time for them, but I’m truly grateful for your interest. On rare occasions, I do polls for which character to draw fanart of.

◆  Would you like to participate in my fanzine or artbook?

Possibly, if it’s a project or event I’m interested in!

◆  May I use, edit, or repost your art as graphics for my blog/fanfic page?

Yes, and please make sure to credit back. All except commissioned pieces are allowed.


◆  Where can I purchase prints of your illustrations?

Some are available at Redbubble! Construction on my personal online store is temporarily on hold.

For business inquiries, please contact me through email.

Art & Design © 2019-2021 by Kimopoleis. All rights reserved.

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