◆  Do you take commissions?

Yes, thank you. I always appreciate anyone who finds my art wonderful. Please send your requests in full detail over to I'll let you know when I'm able to deliver the work to you.

◆  What are your commission rates? I can't find it listed anywhere.

My commission prices are private and left out from public browsing. Please send a detailed message of your request for a quote.

◆  Could you design a character for me to use as my own mascot?

At the moment, I only take character design work if it precedes some sort of commercial project. This includes Vtuber models, web mascots, product illustrations, and suchlike.


◆  Do you design Vtuber models?

Yes. I'll need to ask for references and material elaborating the character first. Alternatively, I can also create my own rendition based off of your sketch.

◆  Can you rig the model?

I layer the parts ready for rigging, but you'll have to find someone else to do the animation. The final model will be a Photoshop file to be sent to your rigger.

◆  Will the model include expressions?

The standard expressions (happy, sad, angry, surprised) are included because they're the same assets the rigger will be warping. Additional assets like sparkles, tears, blush, etc. will be charged.

◆  Could you do just the bust/half-body for my model?

I only offer full-body models.

◆  Could you do my stream overlay and graphics?

Graphic/icon commissions are closed at the moment.


◆  Do you take casual requests or art trades?

I barely have time for them, but I’m truly grateful for your interest. On rare occasions, I do polls for which character to draw fanart of.

◆  Would you like to participate in my fanzine or artbook?

Possibly, if it’s a project or event I’m interested in!

◆  May I use, edit, or repost your art as graphics for my blog/fanfic page?

Yes, and please make sure to credit back. All except commissioned pieces are allowed.


◆  Where can I purchase prints of your illustrations?

Some are available at Redbubble! Construction on my personal online store is temporarily on hold.